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Posted at — Oct 29, 2019

Aaron Saunders

I am a microbiologist working at Business Academy Aarhus (Erhvervsakademi Aarhus).

I make applied research projects together with industry partners, eg. in the oil and gas, bioremediation and food industries, to apply molecular analysis to complement existing culture based methods and give out partners new insights into the their processes. The aim of these projects is to save money for the partners or give new solutions to their problems. Among the approaches used is to apply next-generation sequencing technologies and bioinformatics.

Our current reserach focus is in the food technology and food quality analysis for plant-based foods.

Previously, my academic work focused on the ecology of engineered systems, specifically the effect that diversity has on the operation of wastewater treatment plants and detecting fecal contamination in drinking water with new molecular markers. In 2014, I co-created the MIDAS: Field Guide to the Microbes of Activated Sludge, which continues to act as a central on-line resource for both scientists and treatment plant operators that collects current knowledge about this ecosystem as a platform for improving the process.